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Chicago Creditors' Rights Lawyer

Chicago creditors' rights attorney

Collection Attorney for Creditors’ Rights and Commercial Debt Collection in Illinois

Collecting commercial debts and receivables can be a challenging and time-consuming process. The law provides significant protections for creditors who are seeking to recover commercial receivables, but with experienced litigation counsel, creditors can successfully pursue their commercial debts. To ensure that their rights will be protected, creditors should work with an attorney who can help them navigate the process of recovering commercial debts.

At the law firm of Teller, Levit & Silvertrust, P.C., we focus on protecting creditors' rights, and we have a proven track record of successful commercial collections. With over 100 years of experience, we understand the ins and outs of the commercial collections process, and we work diligently to help our clients collect the receivables owed to them. We work with all types of companies, from major corporations such as Fortune 500 companies to small, local businesses, ensuring that they can resolve legal issues related to commercial collections successfully. We also focus on judgment enforcement and asset recovery.

Legal Help With Multiple Types of Commercial Claims

Creditors may have multiple options for recovering receivables, and through the litigation process, they can protect their financial interests and minimize their losses. Our attorneys can assist with a variety of matters involving commercial collections, including:

  • Uniform Commercial Code claims - We help creditors understand their rights under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and the remedies available to help them recover receivables. We can assist with UCC sales of goods claims and other related issues.
  • Insurance collections - We provide representation for insurance companies, helping them recover outstanding premiums and address issues related to the recovery of deductibles. We also assist with surety bond claims.
  • Collection of professional fees - Professionals such as certified public accountants, attorneys, or architects may need to secure payment for services rendered. In these situations, we can help professionals ensure that the terms included in their service agreements are followed correctly while avoiding potential adverse claims.
  • Secured and unsecured loan enforcement - Many commercial lenders require borrowers to secure loans with collateral, such as real estate or equipment. We help lenders recover outstanding debt on secured loans, and we can assist in foreclosure or repossession proceedings when necessary. We can also help unsecured creditors determine the best ways to protect their interests, including when debtors file for bankruptcy.
  • Freight collections - Shipping and freight companies may need to take steps to collect receivables while also addressing issues such as shipping fees, damage claims, or detention and demurrage. We can assist with the enforcement of contracts, bills of lading, and other fee and payment issues.
  • Construction litigation - Our attorneys can help commercial contractors resolve disputes that arise related to construction projects. We can litigate claims for commercial debt recovery for unpaid invoices, breach of contract, and enforcement of mechanic's liens.

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Commercial debt recovery can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking, but an experienced attorney can help creditors protect their rights and financial interests throughout the debt collection process. If you are a creditor seeking to collect a commercial debt, we encourage you to contact an experienced creditor's rights attorney at Teller, Levit & Silvertrust, P.C. today. We have a proven track record of success in commercial debt collection, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they can properly address the legal issues they may encounter as they work to recover the money owed to them. We will work with you to develop a customized debt recovery plan including litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Call our office at 312-922-3030 to learn more about our legal services.

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